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Meet Anne

Dear Friends,

I have spent my career – 25+ years— working to improve how America delivers care for our oldest and frailest adults. I’ve worked in government, done policy research, and worked with hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living providers and home care companies.

But I’ve learned that nothing prepares you for the experience of caring for another person, not even being an expert on the topic.

The problems we all face – lack of information and tools, poor delivery of care, confusing options, and just normal grief about shifting roles – inspired me to create a website and connect with others for information and support.

That’s how the Daughterhood community began in 2015.

And since then, our community has flourished. We offer close to 20 Circles a month where family caregivers across the country connect. We host a monthly Daughterhood podcast and series of webinars with industry experts. Innovative thinking remains critical to the growth of Daughterhood – whether it involves inventing new ways to navigate public resources or providing family caregivers with the tools they need to focus on what is often missing—relationships and activities that make life interesting and that deepen the human connection.

In case you are wondering, I grew up in Gainesville, FL, went to school in South Carolina and Boston, and now live in Washington, DC with my husband, Erik. I have two grown children who are much more awesome than I deserve.We live with an aging corgi/beagle rescue, Sofie, who makes us smile every day.

Our terrific team supports me as I support you. Please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN and subscribe to our newsletter and the Daughterhood Podcast so we can be in touch regularly.

With gratitude,

Anne Tumlinson