About Daughterhood Circles


Circle Gatherings

Daughterhood Circles are communities that gather on a semi-regular, face-to-face, and online basis. How often, when, and where Circle members meet is decided by the Circle and their leader. Our goal is to help create a relaxed atmosphere that emphasizes camaraderie.

Using private Facebook groups, we facilitate online communication and organization for your local community, so you can keep up the relationship between get-togethers.


Local Leaders Support

Daughterhood Circle leaders are the cornerstone of the Daughterhood initiative. We take seriously the commitment and work that our leaders put into building a community. That’s why we’ve created the Daughterhood Circle Toolkit. It contains:

    • A step-by-step guide for launching circles, organizing, and leading meetings.
    • Calls with Anne Tumlinson and on-call support from the national Daughterhood team.
    • Marketing materials to promote your circle and a Daughterhood banner for meetings.


Membership Support

We want your circle participation to be a life-enhancing experience. Your benefits include:

    • Making new friends and connecting to others who understand and “get” your situation.
    • Connecting to the national Daughterhood community through your Local Leader.
    • Joining a community of people who share their favorite resources and providers.