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You’ve Got This.

Getting smart about your aging parents


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Daughterhood is a community of people supporting each other in the joys and challenges of caring for aging parents, other family members, and friends.

This community lives online through the Daughterhood blog and newsletter, podcast, Daughterhood Conversations webinar series, website, and social media platforms. But most importantly, it lives in the Daughterhood Circle program, through which caregivers share information, support, and resources. Daughterhood circles aim the power of community and friendship directly at the challenges that come with caregiving.

Compared to parenthood, daughterhood can be much more isolating, with very few people realizing they are in the same boat.

Caring for the frail and old is complicated. You feel like you need a social work, business, law, and medical degree to understand what Is essential!

It’s a matter of dignity and family relationships. This can be both scary and sad. Maintaining your parents’ dignity is of foremost concern. But mix that in with lifelong sibling relationship dynamics, and you have a crazy-making cocktail.

It is simply too much for one person to do alone. The Daughterhood community and resources will help you realize that your efforts are not only good but are also actually heroic.

You are not failing. Our health and elder care systems are failing all of us and making caring for your parents harder than it should be. This is what Daughterhood.org wants to change.

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